Symptoms, Thoughts


So I have this lovely book my boyfriend bought me for our anniversary. It’s the Barnes and Noble Jane Austen collection of seven novels. It’s gorgeous, and it’s perfect for me since I’ve been wanting to read more Jane Austen. The only problem is that the text is tiny, and difficult to read, especially since my eye problems in May.

I tried to use reading glasses by putting them over my regular glasses, but the frame of the reading glasses is too small for my huge head. The reading glasses helped a lot, but it can be painful to try reading with a pair of glasses that’s too small that you’re trying to balance on top of your regular glasses.

So I started talking to my mom about it, and she said I should get bifocals. I don’t want bifocals. I’m 27. I’m too young for bifocals. At least, that’s what I keep feeling even though I know I shouldn’t really feel that way. If I need it, then I need it. I’m still not sold. I’d almost rather still get another pair of reading glasses, maybe bigger ones this time, and use those on top of my regular glasses. I guess I’ll see.