Review of Winter by Marissa Meyer

I know I promised this to you Wednesday, but I left my computer in my mom’s car and she was gone all day. Oops. So here it is, a day late.

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer was a good ride. I love retellings (is that the right word?) of fairy tales . This was no exception. My overall impression of the series as a whole was “Wow.” The last book definitely wrapped it all up nicely.

I think my favorite part of Winter was Winter. I love her, and I love Jacin. The way Levana treats the two of them honestly made me hate her even more (Levana is a seriously great villain–she really believes she’s doing good and doesn’t see how much harm she is actually doing). Winter was a true cinnamon roll–I just wanted to protect her and make everything okay for her.

I wish we had seen more of the aftermath and rebuilding Luna. I especially wanted to see Cinder making Luna a republic with representatives instead of the monarchy. The book was so long, and the wrap up felt so short in comparison. I know that the series is based on fairy tales, but I really want more of an ending than “And they all lived happily ever after.”

Overall, though, I felt like this was a good end to the series. Other than feeling like there wasn’t enough (which is not totally a bad thing), I really enjoyed it. I’d give the book a solid 4/5 rating, would probably read again, and definitely suggest it if you love fairy tales with a science fiction twist.


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