The Raven Boys/The Dream Thieves Review

So this is my first review of the Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater, so it’s going to include a bit about the first book, The Raven Boys, and the second book, The Dream Thieves.

When I first read The Raven Boys, I enjoyed it, but my first impression didn’t leave me wanting more. I decided to process it fully before reading the second book. Before long, I had somehow become obsessed with The Raven Boys and the characters we meet in the first book, and I’m not even sure how it happened. (I like books that grab me right away, but even better I think are the books that get better the more you think about them.) I think it might be because to some extent, I can see myself in each of the characters. Blue’s desire to be different, but disappointed that she has to work to be different. Adam’s desire to be better than where he came from, and to make something of himself. Noah’s caring. Gansey’s passion that is so intense it consumes everything. Ronan’s “fuck all of you” attitude, sometimes even when it comes to his friends, despite the fact that he clearly cares very much about all of them. And each of these things is just one aspect of each of the characters. By the time I was ready to read The Dream Thieves, I was not only desperate to read it, but I decided to buy all the books in the series and get my mom to start reading them.

You only get to know the characters better in the second installment, The Dream Thieves. I love character driven stories. I feel like if your characters are relatable and feel real, the audience will forgive a thin plot. For me, Glendower and Cabeswater and the group’s search became background while I was getting to know the characters, and I didn’t mind. I love these characters, and I am so excited to continue reading about their adventures.

While I am focusing more on the characters, the plot in each novel is also solid. The first book brings everyone together in a way that seems natural, and their search for Glendower (which wasn’t easy to begin with), slowly becomes more and more complicated in the two books. I love it when the plot and story starts out seemingly simple, and gets more complicated as it goes on (like Ronan’s story. HOLY SMOKES). The complications and lovable characters make the books well worth a reread, in my opinion.

Overall, I’d rate each book a 5/5, highly suggest reading, and can see myself rereading them in the future.

My next read? Blue Lily, Lily Blue (of course)


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